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Famed electronic music label Astralwerks presents ASW Radio on 6 stations in Asia

Downtime in the music industry is not dead time

  • Zita Chan
  • 8 January 2021
Famed electronic music label Astralwerks presents ASW Radio on 6 stations in Asia

Even though 2020 was discombobulating for every industry, Astralwerks moved into Asia and now has ASW Radio syndicated on six radio stations in the region.

Established in 1993 in New York City, Astralwerks could see the electronic music industry bubbling and wanted to be involved. After moving to Hollywood into the Capitol Records Tower, Astralwerks became an artist-first label and has successfully become the number one share leader in electronic dance music in the US. Eventually, Astralwerks decided that Asia has a lot of undetected talent. In September of 2019 at Music Matters in Singapore, Astralwerks announced their intention to jump in head first to one of the hottest regions in the world for electronic music. They kept their word in 2020, by signing Weird Genius, the Indonesian EDM trio, and capitalizing on the success of their number one single, ‘Lathi,’ by doing remixes, challenges, and Tik Toks.

Radio stations are still extremely important when boosting artists’ profiles, so getting ASW Radio, Astralwerks flagship radio show, syndicated in China and Malaysia has been a big achievement. Playing between once a week and six times a week for 23.5 million listeners, ASW Radio focuses on a special guest DJ providing the audience with a 30-minute mix, including dance music hottest stars like Astralwerks’ Alesso, ZHU, Alison Wonderland, ILLENIUM, Jonas Blue, The Avalanches, Chris Lake, and more, as well as finding local talent in various cities.

Astralwerks has shown that even when the world of touring, concerts, and events has come to a standstill, there is really no dead time in the music industry.

ASW Radio Asia
HITZ (Maylasia) Every Saturday
FM 90.7 (China) Every Saturday
FM 104 (China) Five days a week
My Radio FM 90 (China) Six days a week
FM 99.9 (China) Six days a week
FM 97.4 (China) Every Saturday

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