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Yeti Out aims to connect communities digitally with FM BELOWGROUND

24-hour music programming has begun inside their boutique/music studio

  • Marcus Aurelius
  • 6 January 2021
Yeti Out aims to connect communities digitally with FM BELOWGROUND

Part high-end fashion boutique, part 24-hour alternative radio station, part music studio with DJ and production classes, BELOWGROUND by Yeti Out has the goal of connecting creative tribes under one roof. One giant step toward this objective is the launch of FM BELOWGROUND, a 24-hour musical platform that will play local DJ mixes as well as produce shows and podcasts focusing on anything from fashion runway music to anime soundtracks.

BELOWGROUND has more than a touch of elegance. Not only will artists be curating the shop with collector’s items, but the speakers inside have been hand made by Devon Turnbull’s brand OJAS. BELOWGROUND looks fresh, and it’s also an audiophile’s dream come true.

From writing a blog about obscure dance genres to collecting radio residencies by the shelfful, Arthur Bray, 1/3rd of the Renaissance men in Yeti Out and project director at FM BELOWGROUND, thinks 2021 is the perfect time to launch a station. “We believe it’s more important now than ever to stay connected with global musical tribes and communities, and radio is the best format to do so.”

Bray understands that even though certain communities in Hong Kong don’t always see eye to eye, one thing connects everyone. “There's always ongoing tension between the Hong Kong and Kowloon side, locals and expats, as well as mainstream culture and underground culture. As a mixed kid growing up in Hong Kong, I've been able to see both sides of the coin and often battle with this push and pull of energy and segregation. Music's been our way of merging both ends, or at least opening up a dialogue.”

More information on FM BELOWGROUND can be found here.