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10 experimental producers in Taiwan come together for ‘Mountain Refuge 藥在山裡’

The atmospheric compilation comes via local nature-loving sonic explorers, 泊人ANKR

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 6 April 2023
10 experimental producers in Taiwan come together for ‘Mountain Refuge 藥在山裡’

泊人ANKR is a collective based out of Taipei that focuses on combining electronic music with nature.

Since 2020, they have been gathering field recordings to create fascinating compositions while drawing awareness to Mother Nature. “We pay attention to the connection between the environment and sound, using electronic music to express our longing for nature,” mention the collective.

泊人ANKR also hosts online and offline events that take place amid the natural world. Their latest video project, ‘Camp on Rhythm’, follows local producers on a journey into the wilderness, inspired by their surroundings to create meaningful music that advocates for a closer connection with nature.

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For ‘Mountain Refuge 藥在山裡’ which came out on April 1, 泊人ANKR gathers 10 local contemporary ambient and experimental artists to contribute their sounds to a truly atmospheric compilation.

Released in digital and cassette tape format, ‘Mountain Refuge 藥在山裡’ transports you to uninhabited regions where the sounds of Mother Nature reign supreme. Each collaborator is inspired by the sensation of walking amid majestic mountains and forests, resulting in lush acoustic-electronic ballads and droning soundscapes.

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The A-Side sonically transports you to a daytime exploration of the mountains via five upbeat arrangements. Switching over to the B-Side, the compilation shifts into a reflection of camping at night with its more ambient resonances.

A-Side tracklist:
1. Sandy's Trace ‘Torn Shorelids’
2. Ryan J Raffa & Yumi Iwaki ‘Rains of Keelung’
3. INN ‘Regression’
4. Lemonfacer ‘Submerged’
5. Pallas Atoll ‘Due North’

B-Side tracklist:
6. TZUHAN ‘Portal 0000’
7. Troy Lin 林昀駿 ‘路途 (Road)’
8. Jin [靜] ‘Inscrutable’
9. Sun Jenga ‘Dark Moon’
10. AAA ‘Colony Collapse’

“Come up the mountain with us. There’s medicine on the mountain,” invites 泊人ANKR.

Listen to ‘Mountain Refuge 藥在山裡’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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