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Hong Kong Community Radio releases second fundraiser compilation comprising 27 tracks

Proceeds will go towards supporting the website's new 2.0 development & basic station costs

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 9 February 2023
Hong Kong Community Radio releases second fundraiser compilation comprising 27 tracks

Following their first annual fundraiser release back in 2021, Hong Kong Community Radio (HKCR) is releasing a second compilation.

HKCR was established in Wan Chai in 2016 and has since become entirely virtual since the close of its physical space in 2021.

Revitalising and thriving in the virtual realm have allowed the station to attract a myriad of hosts and audiences from around the world.

In the latest compilation are 27 unique tracks contributed by HKCR hosts and affiliates, including Arigto, Bios Contrast, braun.aar, C.SIDE, DJ Waste, MENTE 3000, Misty Penguin, Opal Beau, Rosa Anschütz, SNKLS, sophulate, Sugar Ross & 摩利支天 (Marishiten) to name a few.

“The 3 years of the pandemic, from lockdowns to now the full reopening of borders, have led to us the urgency of reimagining the concept of regions and borders. Though the movement of the people is still not fully equal despite the end of the pandemic, it nevertheless gives us a glimpse of hope to finally have a chance to go out of Hong Kong for the long overdue reunion of old and new friends in the real world,” HKCR mentions.

“If anything, that is the message we wish to convey through this colorful compilation comprised of sounds contributed by friends everywhere,” the station adds.

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The income from the compilation will be used to aid the new 2.0 development of the website, along with supporting the station’s basic costs to keep it running.

HKCR’s main update would be around polishing the site’s entire design language in hopes of creating a user experience that is on par with other international-level online radio stations.

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The sounds of HKCR range from experimental, breaks, electro, dark ambient to rave. DJs from across the world including Niki Lauda, Sainte Marina, MZA and Yanling have also brought in tunes to the station.

‘HKCR Annual Fundraiser 眾籌計劃 Compilation 2023’ was released on February 3, purchase it here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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