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AATMA’s ‘Time’ EP cordially unifies ethnic Indian folk with rhythmic dance floor tendencies

'Time' EP is out now on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's sub-label Smash Deep

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 2 November 2022
AATMA’s ‘Time’ EP cordially unifies ethnic Indian folk with rhythmic dance floor tendencies

Today we introduce you to Arpit Gawri aka AATMA and the three tracks of his ‘Time’ EP. The release came out on October 8, landing on Smash Deep — the sublabel of Smash The House (of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike establishment) that focuses on deeper and more diverse side of dance music.

AATMA gives insight into his EP in an exclusive statement to Mixmag Asia; “Coming from India, the folk and Indian classical sound is the essence of the music. The instruments are very diverse and working on a track by adding elements that give it the unique touch I want comes very naturally to me since it's the best of both worlds put together for me.”

Each boasting their own unique sonic trait, the tracks titled ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ are inspired by the three most significant days in a person’s life.

‘Yesterday’ is a soothingly melancholic track that talks about “how people leave colours in your life — a metaphor for memories and everlasting impressions,” AATMA mentions. Comforting chord progressions guide us deeper into the track that also features the dynamic vocals of the UK's Ruth Royall.

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'Today' is highlighted by the hook "piya tere naam" — Hindi words that roughly translates to ‘for you my love’. It perfectly sums up the notion of spending the ever-important today with loved ones, accompanied by contrastingly floaty melodies and blissfully grounding beats.

As for ‘Tomorrow’, “I wanted to make tomorrow a very happy and bright track since that's how, all of us, imagine tomorrow to be like; happy and full of hope,” says the producer. His signature chord progressions shine once again as the track plays on, decorated with ambient sounds and vocals that result in a mysterious yet uplifting number. “I liked how it flowed because we could want our tomorrow to be anything but in the end, what it really is, is a mystery.”

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Gawri has already risen to international fame under his other moniker 32Stitches which sees the artist release on various respected labels (Universal, Monstercat and NCS to name a few), garnering around 60 million streams. We can only expect the same from AATMA after diving into his unique-sounding productions.

Listen to AATMA ‘Time’ EP which is out now via Smash Deep here and follow the artist on Instagram.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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