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3kelves debuts disco pop sound in dopamine-boosting track ‘Nonsense’

Dropping February 9, the single comes as part of his upcoming ‘Lucas 루카스’ EP via Toucan Sounds

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 5 February 2024
3kelves debuts disco pop sound in dopamine-boosting track ‘Nonsense’

3kelves showcases a shift towards indie/disco pop with the upcoming release of his first EP on New York City’s Toucan Sounds titled ‘Lucas 루카스’ on March 29.

The first single to drop on February 9 titled ‘Nonsense’ is a collaboration with Dylan C. Greene and offers a refreshing take on disco pop. Originally from South Korea and now based in San Francisco, 3kelves aims to explore new musical territories with this release, drawing inspiration from the indie pop sounds he discovered upon moving to America.

Previously recognised for his disco house hits like ‘Get Up, Get Out’ and ‘Bridesmaids’, 3kelves has garnered praise from notable figures such as Disclosure, Mark Knight, Yung Bae, and BBC Radio 1. He’s also had releases on Kitsune Musique, Nervous Records and True Romance.

The upcoming EP marks a departure from his previous sound, showcasing a more introspective and uplifting approach to music.

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‘Nonsense’ opens with glittery chimes that lead listeners into an infectious body-moving rhythm and uplifting melodies, embodying a spirit of resilience and hope that is both timely and timeless. Accompanied by those sing-along-inducing lyrics and vocals, it's the kind of optimistic sound we need when craving a dopamine boost.

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The EP itself is a product of collaboration with producers worldwide, facilitated by connections made during the pandemic through online platforms. Contributors include Axel Steinbiss from Germany, Memery from San Diego, Dylan C. Greene from the Netherlands, and We Are Neurotic from Jakarta.

‘Nonsense’ comes out Friday, February 9; pre-order the track here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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