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Premiere: We Are Neurotic bring on the elegant funk in ‘House Music Will Set You Free’

The trio's evolution from Discord to dancefloors culminates in an exciting upcoming release via Nervous Records

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 28 November 2023
Premiere: We Are Neurotic bring on the elegant funk in ‘House Music Will Set You Free’

Emerging as a formidable force in funk, disco, and house music from Jakarta, We Are Neurotic's EP 'Ballad Of Betrayal' is about to drop via New York City-based Nervous Records.

Comprising Jonathan Mono, Karel William, and Yosaviano Santoso, the trio kickstarted their journey in the digital landscape — within the Discord server of renowned U.K. duo Disclosure, to be exact.

“We learned a lot from Disclosure’s Twitch/Discord streams and exchanged recording methods with fellow artists from Disclosure’s Discord, such as 3kelves and Dylan C. Greene,” they mention to Mixmag Asia.

After joining online competitions and sharing one-minute videos of their original compositions, We Are Neurotic got propelled into exciting projects and garnered recognition from international music labels. Some of you might’ve even caught their energetic live set at Singapore’s Sunda Festival a few months back.

The latest manifestation of We Are Neurotic's musical prowess is the upcoming ‘Ballad Of Betrayal’ EP, which becomes a testament to their diverse sound…and their love for house.

Featuring four tracks that each stand out on their own and traverse the wide spectrum of the genre, the release is set to land in early December via Nervous Records — home to legendary names such as Masters At Work, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler, and David Morales.

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‘House Music Will Set You Free’ is an exuberant cut that notably demands your attention. The vibrant soundscape seamlessly blends deep, pulsating beats with the raw energy of real drums and bass. Presenting dynamic interplay between organic elements and modern DAW processing, it exudes a funky yet sensual atmosphere that invites you to lose yourself in the rhythmic tapestry.

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We Are Neurotic was particularly influenced by the talents of John-Christian Urich, Jason “JKriv” Kriveloff, and the late Ethan White of Tortured Soul; “This track is our attempt to capture their essence and make it our own,” they explain.

Flamboyant keyboard playing adds an elegant touch, weaving melodic layers that elevate the track to new heights. With its infectious groove and sophisticated production, this composition is a testament to the trio’s adeptness in delivering a sensory experience that is both riveting and refined.

Dive into ‘House Music Will Set You Free’ below.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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