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Yum Cha Chats: Mo Morris provides the idyllic soundtrack to get lost in the sanctity of Bali

The A Mountain of One member curates an homage to the Island of the Gods

  • Mo Morris
  • 18 April 2021

A Mountain of One producer and writer Mo Morris is the epitome of the word eclectic. His involvement in the world of electronic music strikes deeper frequencies than we may know, and for the last few years, he’s been gracing Bali with his ethereal charm. Mixmag Asia recently premiered the third episode of Let’s Get Lost, his intimate global talk show, with Dea Barandea.

Ahead of a much anticipated and forthcoming A Mountain of One album 'Stars Planets Dust Me' dropping this fall in October, you’ve been invited to enjoy the more clandestine delights around the magic island, soundtracked by Mo Morris. The first single will 'Custards Last Stand' with Dennis Bovell versions drops on July 1 via Amore.

​Holy Spring, Sabutu - Alice Coltrane 'Rama Rama'

Known by the few and a tourist-free zone. A kind of locals-only place of worship.

A long walk down into a stunning valley of huge bamboo, rattan plants and ancient trees and carved rocks lead you down to a place of worship and a Holy Water spring.

I'm unsure what the spring is meant to mean to the locals, and the spiritual story behind the spot. Myself and dear friend Gerry Rooney managed to stick it out, our heads under the icey spring for an hour or so, then spent the rest of the day floating around with silly grins on our faces. So it does something.

We should all believe there's something much bigger than us, even if it only makes you grin for a few hours.

This track fits the atmosphere of the experience and location perfectly. Heavy in its heart, but light on its feet.

Alice is a goddess.

​Mount Batur Volcano - Global Communication ‘14:31’

I recently trekked this, and it half killed me. It was soon after COVID-19 broke so it was a well needed jump over the prison wall into the wilderness. The climb and descent is pretty hard going with the wrong foot wear and then when you reach the summit being attacked by a posse of starving monkeys isn't the best welcome, but boy what a view.

Majestic, prehistoric and raw, all the things I love about Indonesia. There's much bigger volcanos to climb but not sure how keen I am to attempt as this f*** me, I had rubber legs for a week after.

I wish I had taken some headphones to listen to music at the summit but alas I didn't, here's what I would have loved to listen to and funnily enough produced by two lads from my hometown in Somerset. It’s as majestic as an electronic record can get. I think Mark (Pritchard) was around 19 or 20 when he wrote this... man what a talent — the Somerset air!

​Love Anchor - Tapper Zukie ‘Man A Warrior’

The OG spot before the Batu Bolong insurgence of norm. Batu Bolong is the main road that drags down to the infamous Old Man’s surf beach in Canggu, named as it was (I believe) for old school longboarders because of its surf break. It's now more for learners I guess, I don't surf.

An old buddy Joseph built this place by hand. It's a complex made up of stunning teak structures which is for me the epitome of earthy roots architecture. They host a beautiful little market to support local traders selling their wears, sadly that's all been iced because of the dreaded pandemic, but will be back soon.

Always with amazing music, Joseph is a heavy reggae head and probably the best collection on the island — he has turned me onto all sorts of stuff, including Channel One and other amazing productions, so this personal favourite of mine felt perfect for the spot.

​Bingin Beach - The Undisputed Truth 'Take a Vacation from Life (And Visit Your Dreams)'

Another little hideaway. They have structures and buildings built into the Cliffs that fall onto the beach. Also seems a tourist freezone, and the best sunsets.

Feels like old Bali, I'm not a fan of these swanky OTT beach clubs, they have never sat well with me, as to me that's not what Bali is or should be. Feels like plonking a Disneyland in paradise. Paradise should in its bones be traditional, not a Russian oligarch architect's idea of paradise. Culture is key in Bali and re-producing that with ultimate respect. We are visitors here, nothing more.

This track fits perfectly, could even get me into a pair of budgie smugglers with some persuasion.

​Good Mantra & Matanari - Beach Boys ‘Feel Flows’

Owned by two close friends Tipi and Feby, always pushing the envelope in F&B and music events; I love and respect these guys so much for having the courage to open a plant based, sustainable restaurant and rootsy beach shack bang in the middle of a global pandemic.

They have been family to me, we spend Christmas with them since moving to Bali. Their plant based food and natural wine selection is by far the best on the island all curated beautifully by the lovely Dommy.

Tipi is a word class pro surfer and they recently opened a new beach shack opposite to one of the most famous surf breaks in Bali.

The Beach Boys 'Surf's Up' album is perfect for these locations. I have some great memories DJing for Tipi but it didn't feel appropriate to post some dance track for these guys, Tipi and Feby are everything, and more.

Hotel Tugu - A Mountain of One 'Custard's Last Stand (Dennis Bovell Dub versions)'

My perfect little hideaway — it's tucked off Batu Bolong next to the beach, and very unassuming; you wouldn't know it was there on a drive past. Apparently Javanese architecture and furniture hundreds of years old was shipped to Bali for the build. It's decadent and you feel like you have stepped into a different time. The rooms are all separate vintage Javanese joglos with big sunken copper baths. Amazing Balinese and Japanese restaurants and a sunset to die for. Had many a moment in this 5 star luxury, It's how it should be, without the euro tat.

The track chosen needs no intro — the dub genius of the legend Dennis Bovell messing up the new Mountain of One single 'Custards Last Stand' perfectly. Apologies for no link, you can check back here when it’s out on July 1.

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