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Premiere: Polygonia & Simon Popp flaunt a percussive, dubby sonic landscape in 'Honsu'

The Munich-based producer continues to mix acoustic & electronic elements in her inaugural collaborative 'Candid' LP

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 2 November 2023
Premiere: Polygonia & Simon Popp flaunt a percussive, dubby sonic landscape in 'Honsu'

Set to drop on November 10 via Squama Recordings, Munich-based producer Polygonia teams up with Bavarian-born drummer Simon Popp for the new LP 'Candid', marking her first-ever collaborative release.

The entire album was recorded during a concert at Munich’s ZIRKA that the two artists performed at for the label in December 2022. “It was a fully improvised session, we only met two times before to check our musical chemistry together while playing,” Polygonia told Mixmag Asia.

Polygonia described the collaborative release’s sound as a fusion of both their artistic expressions, comprised of percussive, dubby, organic, and sparkling elements. And surely we can attest to that via 'Honsu', where Popp's dynamic drumset and distinctive percussion sounds intertwine with Polygonia's daring and blossoming productions, creating a captivating synergy that defines the album's sound.

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Opening with soft, ambient nature sounds with minimalistic, light drum rhythms that skitter on top, the track then takes a turn around the one-minute mark to a more electro-jazzy vibe with the entrance of Polygonia’s enchanting layered scat-like vocal play.

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“I love playing acoustic music too and am very inspired by highly skilled instrumentalists such as Popp, so it was a huge pleasure to go on this little journey together. It is the first collab release I ever put out. One thing which hasn’t changed throughout my whole musical path though is that I love mixing acoustic with electronic elements and that is also what we did with ‘Candid’.”

'Candid' will be out on November 10 via Squama Recordings; pre-order the LP here and listen to 'Honsu' below.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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