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VT-00 strengthens sonic repertoire of menacing compositions in ‘Infra’ EP

Listen to closing track ‘Radar’ that incorporates iconic 90s rave elements

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 22 June 2023
VT-00 strengthens sonic repertoire of menacing compositions in ‘Infra’ EP

VT-00 (pronounced as his real name, Vito) hails from the border of Jakarta’s bustling metropolis and the Ciputat industrial area. The self-proclaimed “electronic subdivision riot unit” has quickly become a well-known advocate for the abrasive sounds of EBM and industrial music, which he upholds in all his compositions.

Inspired by the sounds of Panther Modern, Techno duo Schwefelgelb, Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins along with Dopplereffekt, he professes to Mixmag Asia; “Usually my ideas stem from random sounds I hear while going about my tumultuous daily activities."

VT-00's first single ‘Operasi’ resounded from many homebound speakers during the 2020 lockdown, offering listeners an outlet to express their resentment towards confinement through its lyrics, intense beats and menacing synths.

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VT-00 continues to showcase his sonic identity, which in his own words are “Dance, dark, electronic, neo, D.I.Y. and oknum" (meaning “person” or “individual”; a central theme in his lyrics that protest against corruption and tyranny), in his latest EP, ‘Infra’.

Released by Future Exp on June 8, ‘Infra’ comprises three tracks that emerge from a provocatively mechanic soundscape, paired with equally straightforward and brazen lyrics.

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Incorporating distinct 90s rave elements into the closing track ‘Radar’, VT-00’s otherwise monotonous repetition of words becomes a pinnacle moment for seekers of both primal and avant-garde electronic pleasures.

“Monitor, automatic.
Monitor, mechatronic.
Monitor, systematic.
Hydraulic, discotheque.”

Listen to ‘Radar’ below and access ‘Infra’ EP in its entirety here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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