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Klab Diskorda fuse punk & metal-inspired aesthetics into two debut singles

‘Rantai Kelam’ & ‘Dentum Gusar’ are said to best portray the band’s EBM-heavy sonic identity

  • Words: Waiying Ho | Image: Juan Akbar
  • 21 March 2023
Klab Diskorda fuse punk & metal-inspired aesthetics into two debut singles

Introducing Klab Diskorda — a Jakarta-based industrial rock band that formed in early March of 2022.

The group released their debut singles 'Rantai Kelam’ and ‘Dentum Gusar' simultaneously on March 17, with both tracks highlighting a sonic preference-turned-adeptness in fusing moody guitar tones, militant drum beats, caustic vocals and harsh electronics synonymous with the EBM genre.

Klab Diskorda is made up of Haecal Aliba Benarivo on guitar (and as artwork creator), Adam Bagaskara on bass, Bagas Wisnu Wardhana on drums and Vito Tomharto on vocals.

Their debut tracks employ the skills of prominent local producer, Bernardus Fritz — one-third of the now-defunct Sunmantra trio — plus his Roland D-20, Kawai 100F and Korg Minilogue synths.

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Influenced by the likes of early industrial/EBM and post-punk bands such as DAF, Nitzer Ebb and Bauhaus, the band’s main inspiration in creating their signature sound stems from “the derangement we feel from living in Jakarta and how we want to respond to that feeling — desolate but absolutely fun,” Bagaskara elaborates.

“Among the songs that have been written so far, I feel that ‘Rantai Kelam' and ‘Dentum Gusar' are the most solid and best represent the character of Klab Diskorda,” mentions Benarivo.

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The self-described “four deranged boys sampling clangs and emitting noises” are currently in the process of recording their debut LP with plans for a release in late 2023.

Each with a punk/metal background, the band’s members collectively additionally cite Kurt Ballou from the US hardcore punk/metal band Converge as relevant to their sound since “he has helped metal bands incorporate industrial and noise aesthetics into their music.”

Listen to Klab Diskorda’s debut tracks here.

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