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Viberate for Artists is a one-stop hub to advance your independent music career

The new platform offers tools for digital distribution and music promotion plus analytics on social media and music channels

  • in association with Viberate | Image: Pixabay
  • 14 September 2023
Viberate for Artists is a one-stop hub to advance your independent music career

Handling distribution, promotion and diving into analytics come as perks of being an independent musician. Luckily, now there’s Viberate for Artists to help you along the way.

Viberate for Artists is a new platform from Viberate; a music data company that offers music analytics to industry professionals. This new feature is tailor-made for the creatively inclined, uniting multiple data-driven tools to simplify artists in developing their careers.

First and foremost, it offers a free website for musicians, allowing you to tap into Viberate as the biggest crowdsourced database of artists globally. Each page will be verified by a professional team of curators.

The websites will display all the essential information one needs to search for an artist; genre, country, top tracks, upcoming gigs, and fan demographics. Artists can claim their own site, customising it with contact info, and adding a booking button.

Artists can promote their music by releasing it first, which is facilitated by the Viberate for Artists hub that grants the ability to distribute music to all major streaming platforms without limitations.

It also allows you to look into social media and streaming analytics. Simply by connecting an existing Spotify account, you can access the Spotify for Artists stats tool to effortlessly discover data on your listeners, pinpoint your top cities and countries of influence, and gain insights into your playlist performance.

By tracking playlist analytics, artists will gain valuable insights into the playlists that drive the highest streams and listenership — beneficial for promotional strategies.

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Musicians can also enhance the visibility of their music via the Spotify playlist pitching tool, giving them access to a database of over 12 million playlists ranked by popularity. This tool enables artists to efficiently identify playlists that align with their music, potentially expanding their audience based on top-notch filtering options.

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Furthermore, artists can connect with playlist curators, both directly through the platform and via external links. Additionally, artists can assess their performance compared to similar peers and discover popular playlists that have featured their tracks.

The Premium Viberate for Artists plan is available for USD39 per year. However, some tools come free of charge to access.

For more info on Viberate for Artists, head here.

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