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Viberate is the music analytics platform helping independent artists grow their audience

Co-founded by UMEK, the platform allows artists to track their stats and provides insight to help build their fanbases

  • 7 November 2021
Viberate is the music analytics platform helping independent artists grow their audience

Viberate is an independent artist-focused platform giving musicians insight into their streaming data and offering valuable tips for growing their audience.

Co-founded by Slovenian techno producer UMEK, Viberate is a multi-purpose music data research platform, allowing artists access to crucial information while staying independent and not signing away rights to their music.

“Let’s make it clear – data can’t replace your talent and creativity. But it has the power to help you get your music heard,” said UMEK on the new platform. “Having access to reliable information makes all the difference.

“You can discover which radio stations you could pitch to, see which playlists spin artists similar to you, or even which countries and clubs have the right audience for your tour. And the best part - do it all with just one tool.”

The platform is created specifically for musicians with a focus on analytics - giving insight into fanbases, social media statistics, chart rankings, Beatport analytics, and detailed Spotify activity.

Viberate also monitors 24,000 radio stations across 150 countries and comes complete with side-by-side comparisons for artists.

UMEK continues, “you’ll see a detailed breakdown of your audience – which countries you’re being streamed in, which cities your Instagram followers hail from, their basic age and gender stats.

“You can even compare your stats to artists similar to you, and browse their content to get new promotional ideas. All this can help you focus your efforts on the most promising options, and operate strategically."

Viberate is offering a 30-day free trial of the Premium service, which starts at €49 a month. A Lite version of the service is also available. Find out more about UMEK’s platform here.

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