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Unjin delves into the atonal & melancholic world of dreams in 'Traumzeit'

The producer showcases his experimentation of cymatic frequencies & Earth-friendly resonances in his first release since 2020

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 9 November 2023
Unjin delves into the atonal & melancholic world of dreams in 'Traumzeit'

Unjin recently unveiled his latest EP via Barcelona-based label Linderluft Records, marking his first release since 2020.

Titled 'Traumzeit,' this set of four celestial tracks demonstrates his inventive use of sound and frequency, a focus he has diligently honed since moving to Berlin in early 2022.

Driven by a deep fascination with dreams, Unjin embarked on an experimental journey, blending field recordings with analogue and digital synthesis.

“Since I moved to Berlin, I've spent a lot of time learning archaeology and verifying interesting conspiracy theories, and musically, I've been interested in cymatic frequencies and Earth-friendly resonances. Now I try to put these elements into my music so people can understand easier where I lead them. For example on the track 'Traumzeit' I recorded my own voice saying 'We are oscillators of the universe’,” Unjin explained exclusively to Mixmag Asia.

The EP envelopes a captivating atonal atmosphere and cinematic soundscapes, akin to experiencing a vivid dream throughout the course of a single night.

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“The whole story of this album is about a girl who loves the band 'Death in June', who promised a boy to come to Berlin and meet him in June. She never came, but they danced together under a full moon…but it was only in his dream. 'Johannes Platz' is an alternative name for Alexanderplatz referenced in Death in June's song ‘Hullo Angel’. It could also mean 'John Plaza'; the name of the owner of 'Linderluft Records',” Unjin reveals about the backstory.

Born and raised in Seoul, Unjin is also known for his Rainjacket project which showcases his imaginative abstract ambient side. The South Korean artist’s reputation for pushing musical boundaries began back in the mid-90s when he’d been a resident DJ at Vurt for a long time before moving to Berlin.

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In addition to crediting his move to the city as influencing his latest release, he also mentions Luigi Tozzi, Claudio PRC, Ness, Efdemin, and Dasha Rush specifically.

“I got to see all these great artists performing almost every weekend and got to know them musically and personally. This experience has had the biggest impact on my music in recent years and has shaped the direction of this album naturally.”

Unjin 'Traumzeit' is out now; purchase the full EP here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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