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Elevate your summer rave look with TMS.SITE's ‘3.0 Industrial Athlete Pants’

Inspired by steelworkers, the pants are “designed for the toughest outdoor environment, onsite and offsite.”

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 23 June 2022
Elevate your summer rave look with TMS.SITE's ‘3.0 Industrial Athlete Pants’

A new Hong Kong-based performance workwear brand TMS.SITE has released its “3.0 Industrial Athlete Pants” series that was two years in the making and inspired by the local steelworker.

Founder Mei Sze’s own father worked in construction in the 90s, and she herself grew up among the workers who she considers friends and family. Influenced by her father those around him, she observed how for 30 years workwear has not changed, especially the trousers; oversized and made out of material that’s thick and uncomfortable.

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Therefore, after graduating from London’s Royal College of Art in London with a Masters Menswear, Sze established TMS.SITE. The Hong Kong-based designer wishes to truly create a more dignified perception towards "the worker" and their value in society through her brand.

Built with Spandex N6, Cordura N66 and EVA 3.0 Knee Pads, the ‘3.0 Industrial Athlete Pants’ are optimized to be lightweight, water-repellent, breathable, adjustable, stretchy and ergonomic. They’re “designed for the toughest outdoor environment, onsite and offsite.”

Collaborating with three steel fixers who laid the foundations of a number of Asia’s major buildings, the pants have been put through a 3-month wear-testing process to certify its durability. Other than construction, the pants can also be used for other sports (which, in our case, includes raving!).

Yes, rave wear was also inspired by sportswear and workwear. In the 90s, electronic music gigs slowly shifted from seaside and outdoor locales to the dingy underground. Splendidly, raves also adapted their getup to become more fitting to the environment; a more industrial and sporty look was born.

Boiler suits, biker shorts, phat pants, and oversized and functional attire with a hippie twist were taking over to ensure ravers could dance more comfortably in a sweaty warehouse without losing their little treasure bags.

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To get the look yourself, pre-order TMS.SITE’s “3.0 Industrial Athlete Pants” on the brand’s Kickstarter page here.

[Images via Seana Gavin, Courtesy of IDEA, 1996]

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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