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The zany world of ‘WHO STILL DANCE’ returns for a second episode

Jun Kamoda’s out-of-this-world animated video comes paired with a new EP

  • Henry Cooper
  • 11 July 2023
The zany world of ‘WHO STILL DANCE’ returns for a second episode

Jun Kamoda once again masterfully combines house music, comedy, mind-bending animation and quirky fictional characters in the second installment of 'WHO STILL DANCE'. This project serves as a follow-up to the previous five-track EP and short film released earlier this year, showcasing the same level of eccentricity and memorability.

The accompanying five-minute-long short film features a nostalgic 90s laugh track, intergalactic humour, a whimsical art style and a wise-cracking snail. Reminiscent of the beloved The Big Lez Show, fused with the zaniness of Rick and Morty but presented in a more family-friendly and playful manner, the animation draws strong inspiration from Midnight Gospel.

When asked about the differences between the two episodes, Jun told Mixmag Asia “Episode one required more explanation for the story — who are they? What do they do? — but episode two was more enjoyable because it allowed for greater freedom and open-endedness compared to the first."

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Jun Kamoda earned his flowers with more pop-centric music, and when asked about his shift to house, he explained “I guess it’s because I stopped sampling. Sampling is fun but sometimes I want to make music that I have never listened to. Some magazines and radio stations have said that this new EP is too crazy. But Ben UFO liked it, so it is brilliant!”

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The EP kicks off with ‘A DJ In A Full House’, a vibrant composition brimming with staccato synth work and driving percussion. It sets the scene as the protagonist in the film embarks on a quest to find a bodyguard for an upcoming visit to the Yakuza's residence before summoning magical rocks and suicidal little green men.

‘Green Men’ was made with the (you guessed it) green men in mind and is already a fan-favourite in Jun’s live performances.

Watch Episode 2 of ‘WHO STILL DANCE’ below and purchase the EP here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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