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Mathame’s ‘So What’ music video is an AI-generated audiovisual showpiece

An ode to “hyper-expressionism” in both sound & sight

  • Waiying Ho
  • 5 December 2022
Mathame’s ‘So What’ music video is an AI-generated audiovisual showpiece

Italian brother-duo Mathame have released their latest single ‘So What’ on December 2 via Astralwerks. The almost-four-and-a-half-minute track is a perfect reminder of the dark and voluminous signature sound that lies at their core — a stark contrast to their mystically intimate and romantic-sounding previous release, ‘Come For You’.

Brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli have quite the dark and light dichotomy dynamic between them, resulting in a skillful marriage of their musical differences. Amadeo is considered the reserved, brooding yin to Matteo’s hopeful yang.

Mathame first received global recognition via Afterlife who unleashed the duo’s debut EP releases, leading to a whirlwind of shows — up to 150 a year.

Speaking on ‘So What,’ the two mention that “We wanted to achieve the maximum sound pressure and sound stress on every element of the composition and maintain an impactful emotion, developing our dynamic tempo, expressive signature sound in unknown territories.”

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Employing the sound engineering mastery of Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI, Mathame places eerie, distorted vocals over winding synths throughout the track. The slowly crescendoing volume intensity took months of technical precision in order to make sure that signature crisp sound stays alive and well in their sonic production.

The track's music video encapsulates Mathame's vision in an equally captivating manner.

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In 2021, the brothers created a mix series using artificial intelligence and this release sees them take a deeper dive into the world of technology.

Mathame trained and programmed a customized AI machine to create the signature “hyper-expressionism” imagery for ‘So What’’s music video, drawing inspiration from expressionist painters, 3D cinematic visuals, Japanese anime and NFT landscapes.

It's Astralwerks meets Afterlife meets anime. Take a look at the audiovisual masterpiece below.

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