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The Beat Usagi unleashes a trinity of techno explorations in ‘Rebehaviour’ EP

The three-tracker comes via Zoosh33 Music as its first-ever label release

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 12 May 2023
The Beat Usagi unleashes a trinity of techno explorations in ‘Rebehaviour’ EP

New Singapore-based label Zoosh33 Music makes its mark in the electronic music industry with its initial release coming from Kevin Ho aka The Beat Usagi. With over a decade of experience in the scene, the DJ, producer and journalist bestows his new EP titled ‘Rebehaviour’ which represents his sonic explorations during the brunt of the crippling pandemic.

The EP centres around the theme of recalibration as the Singaporean producer tunes into familiar frequencies that he leans on as pillars of comfort. In this case, it’s a deep dive into the techno as The Beat Usagi manoeuvres through the genre’s dynamicity, using music to convey his convoluted web of emotions.

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His adroitness and adventurism in sonic experimentation shine in all three tracks. Each one is ready to soundtrack dancefloor antics with overdriven kicks from the get-go and hefty basslines underlining intoxicating grooves with sub-frequency substance. However, the beating heart of all three compositions lies in the synthplay and its varying timbres. Starting off in a somewhat minimal manner focusing on a hypnotizingly repetitive string of notes, each track then progresses into an interconnected nexus of sounds that communicate and coalesce.

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Complementary yet contrasting, the interplay between synths forms a core presence throughout ‘Rebehaviour’, showcasing The Beat Usagi’s mastery in merging sonic textures and leaving listeners with an open-ended interpretation of techno.

Watch the official visualiser video for opening track ‘The Fury, The Fury’ below and listen to ‘Rebehaviour’ in its entirety here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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