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APSARA progresses to tougher grooves on new EP with Reno Renatama

'Carsten EP' is out now on Jakarta's SALA Records

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 5 May 2023
APSARA progresses to tougher grooves on new EP with Reno Renatama

Following a short hiatus from releases, the in-demand sounds of Mari Furuya aka APSARA grace Indonesian homegrown label SALA Records with her latest output ‘Carsten’ EP.

Since moving from San Francisco to nestle herself in Jakarta, the Japanese-born DJ and producer has captivated Southeast Asia’s dance music scene through her deep, progressive and emotionally evocative brand of house music.

The lead single ‘Carsten’ sees APSARA’s eloquent sound toughen up with more muscle on the low-end giving; it’s a comfortable 2am groover for when you know the lights will only turn on four hours later.

‘Rabbits Don’t Fly’ sees Furuya team up with SALA’s Reno Renatama who delivers a quirky and elastic remix, just ripe for a gentle charge-up on the dance floor. Renatama brings in perky synth stabs and whirling vocal chops that flow effortlessly over a modest tech-house groove.

Furuya has been releasing since 2012, with outputs on Truesounds Music, Beatfreak Limited, Awen Records, Percomaniacs, Desert Heart Black, ZeroThree Music, Diesis Records, Plus Records, Apulia Records Moonshake Records to name a few. Her latest on SALA Records is a testament to her growth as an artist based in Asia as she continues to deeper embed herself in Jakarta’s dance music scene.

Renatama has become a household name amongst Jakarta's electronic producers. Known for his broody take on four-to-the-floor business, he lends his ears to 'Carsten' EP both as a remix as the mastering engineer behind both tracks.

APSARA ‘Carsten’ EP is out now on all major platforms via SALA Records. Have a listen below.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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