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Squarepusher releases intense AR video for new single 'Terminal Slam'

‘Terminal Slam’ is taken from his latest album ‘Be Up A Hello’

  • 3 March 2020
Squarepusher releases intense AR video for new single 'Terminal Slam'

Squarepusher released a new AR-style video for his track ‘Terminal Slam’. His hotly anticipated album ‘Be Up A Hello’ was released on Friday via Warp.

The video for ‘Terminal Slam’ was created by world-renowned visual artist Daito Manabe, and uses AR to create a dystopian world where people become visual feedback loops and on-screen advertising intrudes into the real world.

It syncs with Squarepusher’s intense audio, the bleeps and blips of which combine to create a world in which the uncanny valley is the norm.

It premiered at midnight on January 30 on one of the large TV screens that hang over Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, thought to be the busiest intersection in the world.

Squarepusher and Daito Manabe have previously collaborated together on Z-Machines, a project in which Squarepusher aimed to challenge the thought that music made by robots and machines couldn’t be emotional.

Manabe has previously also collaborated with Björk and Nosaj Thing.

Watch the video for ‘Terminal Slam’ below.

Photo by Donald Milne

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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