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Space 92 blends nostalgic sounds with a modern vibe for Drumcode debut

The French producer's two-track ‘Time’ EP is out today

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 8 September 2023
Space 92 blends nostalgic sounds with a modern vibe for Drumcode debut

Though Space 92 may have just surfaced in 2020, the French producer has been on a strong upward trajectory, especially in the charts.

His powerful sonic repertoire has seen him reach seven Beatport number ones, collaborations with Hardwell and Hi-Lo, releases on Filth on Acid, Form Music, 1605…and now, a Drumcode debut.

Known to champion trancey techno with dashes of distorted percussion and a touch of acid, a long-held love of vintage 90s sci-fi is also a recurring theme, adding sensitivity and nostalgia to his compositions.

The techno titan mentions how this particular release slightly differs from the previous ones, blending old-school, nostalgic sounds with a modern vibe. “The techno remains relentless but the melancholy is underlying, perhaps more than before!”

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His nod to the 90s is felt in the second track, ‘Voyager’ — a laser-focused cut that builds up on energy as it progresses. Just as you’re about to catch your breath around the halfway mark, a parade of searing bass stabs enters to immerse you further in the music.

"I used a bunch of VST plugins such as Serum or 808 and 809 emulators and old rave track samples in order to get a slightly retro feel on ‘Voyager’, notably. As for ‘Time’, specifically, I used a lot of Serum synth,” shares Space 92 with Mixmag Asia.

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Space 92 is additionally known as an active touring artist thanks to his collaborative live/hybrid set with fellow Frenchman Popof named ‘Turbulences’, which debuted to a galvanized audience at Ultra Music Festival Tokyo 2022. We've also heard he'll be coming back to Asia real soon.

Space 92 'Time' EP is out now via Drumcode Records; listen to it here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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