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SimbaSōl’s ‘SaṃSāra’ EP invites us to experience the cycle of reincarnation

YHV Records releases the artist’s two reflective tracks ‘Rhodes’ & ‘Le Rêveur’

  • Waiying Ho
  • 28 November 2022
SimbaSōl’s ‘SaṃSāra’ EP invites us to experience the cycle of reincarnation

Heavily influenced by the captivating sounds of melodic house and techno, Montreal-based artist SimbaSōl drops his ‘SaṃSāra’ EP via South East Asian label, YHV Records on November 20.

The album’s title is derived from the same Buddhist term that’s often defined as the continuing cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Within the release, SimbaSōl expresses his daily experiences of “micro level of deaths and rebirths”. ‘Rhodes’ and ‘Le Rêveur’ are the EP’s two reflective and introspective pieces that are “a gateway into the path I walk of letting go and trusting the flow of my own destiny,” explains the artist.

SimbaSōl uses hard-hitting baselines, groovy percussions and four-dimensional synths as devices to conceive soulful musical quests, influenced by melodic house and techno.

‘Rhodes’ and its dreamy Afro house beats is what the artist describes as an open invitation to look into the rearview mirror — to dive into what lies within before blindly moving forward.

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The more melodic and entrancing ‘Le Rêveur’ (‘dreamer’ in French) then comes as the next step in the journey, where SimbaSōl composes the ideal sounds of a utopian world free from individual egos.

Raised around campfires soundtracked by djembes and harmonicas undoubtedly left a music-induced mark in SimbaSōl’s upbringing which, lucky for us, he passionately continues to thrive in today. Unable to escape the allure of the disco ball, he dove headfirst into modern music production and attended the Cosmic Academy (an online artist development program) to further his artistic career.

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‘SaṃSāra’ EP is released by YHV Records — one of the three major record labels belonging to YHV Music Group, formed in 2017 by Indonesian musician Yopi Handi. The imprint aims to represent diverse and uncompromising releases from equally visionary artists, leaning more towards presenting compositions of the Afro house, organic house, deep house and deep tech kind.

Listen to SimbaSōl ‘SaṃSāra’ here.

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