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Shanti Celeste releases new track ‘SLB’ in support of Palestinian aid charity

All profits made from the new track, which is now live on Bandcamp, will go to Operation Olive Branch

  • 4 July 2024
Shanti Celeste releases new track ‘SLB’ in support of Palestinian aid charity

Shanti Celeste has debuted a brand new single ‘SLB’, with all profits going to a Palestinian aid charity.

Released via Bandcamp last Tuesday (June 25) as a collaboration between the artist's own imprint Peach Discs and Method 808, 'SLB' will be available for a limited period until July 12.

Celeste announced the single via a post on Instagram writing: “If you like the track and can spare a few squids please go ahead and purchase! Option to round up if you're feeling generous!”

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All profits from the single will be donated to Operation Olive Branch, described as a “volunteer-powered grassroots collective effort to connect with and amplify Palestinian voices to support their critical needs, which include but are not limited to their mutual aid requests.”

The track's description says, “Shanti dials up the steaminess and lays down a groovy momentum. Evoking euphoria, this bubbly tech house roller is Shanti at her playful best!”

The single marks Shanti’ Celeste’s first official release since joining forces with Hessle Audio at the end of 2022 to release the ‘Cutie/Shimmer’ project, aside from a bootleg ‘Shanti's Barn Shanti's Rules’ released in October 2023 on her Bandcamp.

A recent compilation album entitled ‘Music for Palestine - We Will Stay Here’ was released in May, using a collection of samples from around the world of poetry, protests, and sound from within Palestine, with all proceeds going towards Medical Aid for Palestine.

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To check out a list of the ways you can aid the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, click here.

Jamaal Johnson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Instagram

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