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Love Boat Records launch fundraising compilation ‘We Will Stay Here —Music for Palestine’

The 14-track compilation features music "inspired by the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom"

  • 17 May 2024
Love Boat Records launch fundraising compilation ‘We Will Stay Here —Music for Palestine’

Love Boat Records has released a new compilation album, ‘Music for Palestine’ — with all proceeds going to Medical Aid for Palestinians (M.A.P.).

The album, entitled ‘We Will Stay Here — Music for Palestine’ was released on Friday (May 3) by the Torino-based label, and features contributions from the likes of 3Phaz, Susu Laroche, Assyouti, Cosmo and more.

Each track is said to be inspired by the "Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom," and was collated by Love Boat Records founder Andrea Pomini.

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Pomini says that the record's title is a reference to the singing doctors of Northern Gaza's partially destroyed Al-Awdah hospital, who sang: “We will stay here until the pain is over/We will live here, and we will keep singing."

The songs are inspired emotionally and sonically by the ongoing genocide in Gaza, with Pomini saying that he wanted to make “an artistic statement that could stand the test of time as art produced in times of genocide, by artists involved on a human and political level.”

He decided to compile the album in late 2023, feeling “helpless and furiously motivated at the same time," amidst the “striking silence of so many acts – especially from the rock and pop camp – that are usually very vocal on every important issue.”

He went on to express his gratitude to those involved in the project, saying “I thank them for taking such a clear stance in times of colonial violence, silencing of disagreeing voices, cultural witch-hunt and distorted media narratives, despite all possible consequences.”

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Many of the songs contain samples from around the world of protests, interviews and poetry on the subject of Gaza, with the fourth track, ‘Abtal’, sampling the voices of the people of Gaza from a reel posted to Instagram in December 2023 by Wearthepeace — and track 5 ‘Jinn of the Bethlehem Souk’ recorded in Ramallah, West Bank at Radio Atheer Studio.

The album is available to purchase in three formats: as a limited edition cassette, as a download, or as a t-shirt and download combo, with the t-shirt featuring the album’s cover painting by Jordanian/Palestinian artist Tala Abunuwar.

To buy the album, click here

Jamaal Johnson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Instagram

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