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Senyawa's 'Alkisah' gets the Bali remix treatment on three inspired EP editions

Hobs, Sunmantra, Swarsaktya & Fraktal are among those chosen to rework the striking originals

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 14 May 2021
Senyawa's 'Alkisah' gets the Bali remix treatment on three inspired EP editions

BD Recs have released three carefully curated releases of Indonesian-based artist's remixes of Senyawa's recent album, 'Alkisah'.

Avant-garde Indonesian duo Senyawa released their Alkisah album in February – a bold set of compositions telling a cautionary and – depending on one's political outlook – possibly timely tale of “a formerly advanced society that comes to recognise the impending destruction of its established order.” In an attempt to “decentralise the hierarchical workings of the music industry,” – in particular the way in which music is distributed – the album was released as a cooperative effort via multiple labels across the planet. Each label was given the freedom and scope to present the release as they each saw fit, including format, cover design, and number of copies produced. The individual imprints were also encouraged to invite local artists to reimagine the original material, and Bali's BD Recs invited a selection of nearby creators to work their magic on three remarkable remix EPs.

On the Bali Versions, acts including Last Scar, Hobs, Sunmantra, Swarsaktya, Fraktal, Doctoryez & Aditya Permana are called upon to offer their unique interpretations. As expected considering the nature of the source material, the music contained on the remix packages is universally thick with atmospherics, ranging in tone from the trance-inducing late-night chug of Last Scar's version of 'Kabau' to the stripped acidic techno of Hobs' take on 'Istana', the abstract textures of Fraktal's 'Alkisah 1' remix, and the jarring breaks of Aditya Permana's reshape of 'Alkisah'. Elsewhere, other territory's featured labels called on the likes of Toulouse Low Trax, Dntel, Audioscum and Xin Lie for reworks, and all of the new versions are available to buy on the respective label's Bandcamp pages.

Senyawa 'Alkisah' Bali Remixes parts 1,2 & 3 are out now on BD Recs, you can listen and buy them here

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