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Satoshi Tomiie’s third album, ‘Magic Hour’, is finally releasing after 8 years

Out via Abstract Architecture, the LP is a moody, thought-provoking journey of dub, techno & minimal

  • Henry Cooper
  • 24 November 2023
Satoshi Tomiie’s third album, ‘Magic Hour’, is finally releasing after 8 years

The esteemed Satoshi Tomiie has been dedicating the past three years to creating his long-awaited album ‘Magic Hour’, finally droping it soon on his own imprint, Abstract Architecture.

This is his third album released under his birth name and the latest since ‘New Day’ back in 2015. Over this period, he has had multiple releases spanning a range of styles, but ‘Magic Hour’ promises to be a collection of tracks showcasing his personal evolution as an artist.

His previous releases under the moniker Sato showcased the dub and ambient side of his sonic repertoire, and Magic Hour appears to build and expand on these ideas.

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The title track ‘Magic Hour’ — released on November 22 — is a prime example of the sound he’s honing in on for this project. At seven-and-a-half minutes long, it’s a slow-burner, with new elements expertly placed, creating a moody, atmospheric sensation. The almost whisper-like percussion is as soothing and euphoric as the bass is rolling, driving the track along its path. It’s a collaboration with Kuniyuki Takahashi on percussion, giving the track its undeniably natural and organic feel.

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The remainder of the LP is as equally dub and minimal-influenced as the title track.

‘Blast’ is a much slower Tomiie than we’re used to, with a beefy in-your-face dub hitting your core. ‘Meditation in an Emergency’ is a slowed-down minimal techno track with synths unlike any other surrounding you in bliss.

Pre-order Satoshi Tomiie ‘Magic Hour’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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