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SALA Records spotlights Jakarta’s groovy house music resonances in ‘SALA Sampler 03’

8 Indonesian producers display their dexterity for deeper-sounding melodies

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 28 June 2022
SALA Records spotlights Jakarta’s groovy house music resonances in ‘SALA Sampler 03’

Featuring both rising and household names from the realm of Jakarta’s deep house and tech-house scenes, SALA release their six-track ‘SALA Sampler 03’.

Born during the pandemic, the collective based out of Indonesia’s capital city made use of their time confined indoors and slowly started to make a name for themselves during the party circuit’s more quieter times.

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Following the release of two previous compilations in 2021, SALA continues to shine the spotlight on fellow beatmakers and dance floor fillers with their sampler albums. This edition features the bright and melodious sounds of Future10 co-founder, Hogi Wirjono, who takes us on a journey to the moon and back in his track ‘Eagle Landing’; he even samples an original audio recording from the Apollo 11 mission.

Then there’s Bob Singh’s ‘Groove With Me’ which is pretty self-explanatory. Inspired by blues music, he effortlessly combines the soothing sounds of the sax and piano to create a tune that’s easy on the ears. Producers Fickry and Andres bring back the deep sounds of the 90s with their song ‘Mistify’, while Adam Dado and Waiteasa highlight the punchy yet delightful sounds of the kick and bass in ‘You Should Stay’.

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Rulli invites listeners to enjoy life and his uplifting, hypnotizing melodies on ‘Stoickism’, and Fenton’s ‘Cool Cat’ is a daydreamy homage to her late four-legged friend, with various instruments from different eras contributing to the track’s melodies.

Overall, the tracks in the compilation are perfect for either late-night dance floor hijinks or chillin’ in the comfort of your own room. Whichever you choose, we won’t judge… But we’d probably ask to join.

Preview and purchase ‘Sala Sampler 03’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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