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Snapshots of Jakarta’s first post-pandemic rave inside a dreamlike dome

Hundreds celebrate the city coming back to life amidst propulsive beats & cosmic visuals

  • Amira Waworuntu | Photos: Mackie Artwork
  • 17 June 2022

It’s Saturday, June 4, 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The time is 2pm and already phones are blowing up with messages of “What time r u going?!”, “Where should we meet up?!” or “Omw!”. The city’s streets start to fill up with cars and motorbikes headed to the Senayan area of South Jakarta. Mind you, traffic jams are considered a new “new normal” since the pandemic deprived the city of gatherings.

La Cúpula is where they’re headed; Jakarta’s first-ever indoor rave that presents a 360° immersive visual experience for its attendees. Meaning “the dome” in Spanish, the venue was exactly that; a 15-metre-tall rounded structure with a 30-metre diameter that housed up to 900 people. By 3pm, the gates were swarmed with people exchanging their online e-tickets for bracelets. Probably worth noting that online tickets to the one-night event were sold out a good two weeks in advance.

As the gates opened, the masses were greeted by a golden hour set presented by DJs Fenton, Stef and Sarah Louise. The carefree crowds swayed along to beats from the female selectors and gathered in front of the outdoor stage while basking sun’s afternoon glow — it’s been a while since such a scenario.

By nightfall, La Cúpula came alive. Hundreds of eager ravers filled up the dome, making their way through the neon-lit tunnels before finding themselves in an otherworldly setting. Everyone’s eyes automatically looked up at the multicoloured, transcendental visuals that filled up every inch of the dome ceiling. Beaming lights and intergalactic images accompanied intense sets from Jakarta’s up-and-coming collective and event organiser SALA, alongside long-time hometown heroes Riri Mestica and Sunset People Project who permeated the place with their hypnotic tech-house selections.

“We’re beyond grateful! Who'd have imagined we'd be here today?! Starting from conversations about the idea in the living room to a sold-out event! Witnessing everyone so united in dancing together with immense joy and enthusiasm; it's surreal!” mention members of SALA (comprised of Finish, Reno Renatama, Sergio Berlino, Masguna and Adxita) who initiated the spectacle.

As the night went on, people were either shuffling to and from the stage, locating the nearest AC to stand in front of, or sitting on the floor to save a spot (and most likely their energy). It’s a good thing they did; the final 1am set was about to hit hard.

Closing the night was Winky Wiryawan and his pick of uncompromising tracks that channelled Jakarta’s infamous Stadium nights (and days). His catalogue of electro-techno-progressive bangers made sure no one was left sitting down. Hands were up and inhibitions were down; just as they should be in a rave.

Don’t believe us? We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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