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Bønehead’s independent label Bøne.FM debuts 30-strong VA

Featuring artists from India, Germany, Serbia, Singapore and more, showcasing a diverse range of sounds

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 1 February 2024
Bønehead’s independent label Bøne.FM debuts 30-strong VA

Bøne.FM, a New Delhi-based record label, magazine, and internet radio platform founded by DJ and producer Bønehead in 2021, has just dropped its first compilation comprising 30 tracks.

The release is a collaborative effort featuring artists from around the world, from India, Germany, Serbia, Singapore and more, showcasing a diverse range of genres from progressive ambient to bass-infused club tracks, melodic house tunes, and experimental pieces.

As the brainchild of Bønehead, a prominent figure in the New Delhi music scene, Bøne.FM embodies a genre-fluid approach just like its creator who's known to blend elements from live and electronic music, crafting immersive soundscapes both in live performances and digital production.

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Bønehead has built a platform that encompasses a record label, internet radio station, and magazine. Through Bøne.FM, he aims to amplify emerging artists' voices while fostering innovation within electronic music.

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The label's monthly radio show provides a platform for experimental artists to showcase their talents, reflecting its commitment to celebrating musical diversity.

Purchase the ‘Bønewax Vol. 1’ VA here and peek the tracklist below.

1. Bønehead ‘Pillars Of Creatiøn’ (New Delhi)
2. Luvlee ‘Door Moon’ (New Delhi)
3. ETRA ‘E4T G00D’ (United Kingdom)
4. I7HVN ‘X’ (Bangalore)
5. When I'm Human ‘Broken’ (Dehradun)
6. Moebius ‘Bad Visor’ (Mumbai)
7. Ventolin ‘Naughty Pleasure’ (Ireland)
8. WTVR - Long Drive (Portugal)
9. MetaNoia Flux ‘Samsaraa’ (Mumbai)
10. Inskape ‘Harmonizer’ (Bangalore)
11. Sentient ‘Do U Want Me’ (Mumbai)
12. Frank Hellmond ‘Chords On 5’ (Germany)
13. Synths Back ‘Ghostships & Derelicts Of Space’ (Andaman & Nicobar Islands)
14. Halal Sol ‘Need’ (Singapore)
15. Bird ‘Rumors Are Loud’ (Jaipur)
16. Belljack ‘Mayaguana’ (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
17. Project Hamsadhwani ‘Maya’ (Mumbai)
18. 5yndik8 ‘Over The Fields’ (Los Angeles/ New Delhi)
19. TMPST ‘Expressway’ (Pakistan)
20. T-Falcon ‘Look What You Do To Me’ (Netherlands)
21. Sawshank ‘All About That Groove’ (New Delhi)
22. Noizy Wilson ‘13th’ (Serbia)
23. Grifter160 x Scarlett Star ‘Nikki Ophan Theme’ (USA)
24. Bhayankar ‘Made It’ (New Delhi)
25. Panik ‘Error’ (New Delhi)
26. Nightdrive ‘A Strange Summer’ (Russia)
27. Stick No Bills ‘Bombay Dreaming’ (Mumbai)
28. SYEYL ‘Orgone’ (New Delhi)
29. Zilik ‘Brain Fog’ (Jaipur)
30. DJ Sickfuck ‘Call For Prayer’ (Russia)

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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