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'Code Blue' is Random Brothers' sonic antidote to a chaotic world

“A soothing anaesthesia” of euphonious synths, glitches & vocals in 2 subdued tracks

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 9 January 2024
'Code Blue' is Random Brothers' sonic antidote to a chaotic world

'Code Blue' is the latest EP by Random Brothers — an electronic duo comprising Nara Anindyaguna and Randy Danistha.

The (actual) brothers, armed with their mastery of modular synths, experiment with mixing pop and electronic genres, and this new release showcases “dark melancholic techno about the apocalypse”…in a comforting manner.

Admitting to having previously released “very high-octane” tracks, this time the brothers are sending out a sonic antidote to a world in chaos; "We want 'Code Blue' to be our very own Morphine; a soothing anaesthesia."

Their DIY spirit stays unwavering in the EP — self-released under their label, STVS Records, on December 31 — as it features sounds from fresh DIY kits the two have been trying out in their Jakarta-based studio.

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Slow-burner ‘Repent’ is a soothingly enigmatic track that features the hypnotising layered vocals of Randy and Dalila Azkadiputri. As the pensive piece plays on, listeners are prompted to reflect on wrongdoings against Earth and each other, soundtracked by a background of soft glitches and warbles. Those soothing notes towards the end come from “an old piano that got handed to us because of a flood,” they add.

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‘War is Over!?’ is deliberately stylised as such — the question mark reflects the uncertainty of warfare and humanity's ultimate fate. The uplifting samples on the cathartic track come via a Poly Evolver synth that unfortunately “got fried by sketchy electricity”. Nevertheless, the brothers managed to churn out a euphonious composition that speaks to their versatility in traversing soundscapes.

Listen to the entirety of ‘Code Blue’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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