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Parallelle drops 5-track LP with field recordings from across Asia Pacific

Watch the videos behind their music-making travels across Osaka, Java, Bengaluru, Fiji & Bangkok.

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 8 December 2023
Parallelle drops 5-track LP with field recordings from across Asia Pacific

This audio exploration starts in Minoo Park, in Japan’s Osaka prefecture, where a pleasantly mysterious and natural soundscape emanates from the populace of cedar, cypress, maple and cherry trees coupled with the calming rush of its waterfalls and pools. With radio microphones fully engaged, a brisk walk through the park soon culminates into a deep dive back into the city centre of Osaka where craftsmanship and traditionalism have stood the test of time.

New sounds are formed, but they speak of history and a deep sense of culture; Kaoru KJiyama teaches them the basics of the shamisen, and they end up jamming up with a local band called TRA Innovation.

‘A Day In: Osaka’ is part of an 11-episode series that will culminate in Paralelle’s sophomore album at the end of the year. Five episodes, or tracks, from the album, were filmed and recorded across the Asia Pacific region, where the

Here’s what ‘A DAY IN Osaka’ by Parallelle looks and sounds like.

Beyond Osaka, the duo’s travels in the Asia Pacific saw them visit Java, Bengaluru, Fiji and Bangkok.

In Bangkok, Parallelle immerses with Tontrakul, the beatmaker, and Naris Sak, the fiddler, who comprise the Thai ethno-electronica duo Nisawati. Their signature sound fuses traditional Thai string instruments with illustrious electronic sensibilities; Parallelle’s visit to Bangkok culminated in a sonic tapestry that included recordings of a children’s music school, monks handcrafting bowls, street food markets and the innovative sounds of Nisawati.

Watch the ‘A DAY IN Bangkok’ by Parallele below.

Mount Bromo on Indonesia’s main island of Java welcome the French audio adventurers with true local hospitality — Parallelle were quickly, and graciously, introduced to the vibrant gamelan through Anon Sudeko — the soft and low tones, specific to the Javanese gamelan, which were layered with words of local folklore from Shanty, who speaks in her native tongue.

Watch the ‘A DAY IN: Java’ by Parallele below.

Kollalu Venkatesh is a Carnatic musician based in Bengaluru. He showed Parallelle what a sensory kaleidoscope the South of India can be through scenes of jungle, markets, food, and temples. Whilst in the capital of the state of Karnataka, Parallelle were exposed to traditional Chikkaballapur musicians playing Nadaswaram, Thavil (percussion) and learned about Yakshagana dance which depicts heroic sequences from ancient Hindi literature i.e. the Puranas, as well as Sanskrit epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

Watch ‘A DAY IN: Bengaluru by Parallelle’ below.

The enchanting embrace of a gospel choir over an oceanic soundscape is what Parallelle was able to evoke from the people of Fiji. While searching for sounds across the island, their experience was highlighted by a traditional Kava Ceremony in the Navala Village. Parallelle’s Pacific Island adventure left a lasting and emotional impression on the duo, which resulted in an island jam with the Sabeto Gospel Choir. Add the ad hoc recordings of salt makers, fire fences, street vendors and rugby players and you’re left with a sun-soaked body of soulful music.

Watch ‘A DAY IN: Fiji by Parallelle’ below.

The use and art of field recordings where one is capturing sound from natural or external sources, has come a long way since eight-year-old Ludwig Koch was given an Edison Cylinder to record the sounds of the white-rumped shama bird in 1889. Artists like Brian Eno, Björk, Boards of Canada, the KLF and Aphex Twin are popular for their use of field recordings in released material.

It’s now a highly favoured part of the music-making process for many electronic producers, and now applied to a more dance-able style of music; it adds a unique and organic dimension, which can be taken as an integration of real-world sounds into artistic expression — something Parallelle enthusiastically welcome in their creative process.

The Amsterdam-based brothers, who hail from the south of France, are multi-instrumentalists and producer who venture into unique sonic spaces where electro-jazz, underground dance and electronic coincide. In 2019, they unveiled Klassified Records, and shortly after launching The House of Klassified as an innovative creative hub and art gallery in Amsterdam; it’s come to be a pulsating epicentre where artists can share their creativity and foster connections, all while immersing themselves in a thriving musical environment. Klassified is also the duo’s sonic agency arm.

Parallelle 'A Day In Asia Pacific' EP drops today. Purchase here.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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