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"I ran out of countries, so I created my own," says Sultan of Slowjamastan

Established by a radio station DJ, Slowjamastan has already been acknowledged by 16 other nations

  • Henry Cooper
  • 16 June 2023
"I ran out of countries, so I created my own," says Sultan of Slowjamastan

If you’re driving through the empty, arid desert in California, USA, you may bump into a small 11-acre plot named Slowjamastan.

After visiting every nation in the world (all 193 countries), Randy ‘R Dub’ Williams, a late-night slow jams DJ from San Diego, felt the urge to create his own, leading to the birth of Slowjamastan.

When not presiding over his self-made nation, the “Sultan of Slowjamastan” commands the airwaves through his radio show, Sunday Night Slow Jams, which has a devoted following on over 200 radio stations across America.

He claims to have written the national anthem ‘Slowjamastan (I Think It’s Gonna Be An Awesome Place)’ which is performed by ‘Shelton John’, but Elton John’s ‘Rocketman’ influence is undeniable.

The nation of Slowjamastan prides itself on its love of slow jams, bossa nova and 90s hip hop and adheres to a clear political stance in international relations: “Don’t start no sh*t, won’t be no sh*t”.

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It also has a unique set of laws. Publicly indulging in "mumble rap" within Slowjamastan carries its own penalty; a 500-word report on a full album by esteemed artists such as L.L. Cool J, De La Soul, Kool Moe Dee, A Tribe Called Quest, or Queen Latifah.

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Although the country has yet to be recognised internationally (except for in 16 countries), requests to Biden and other leaders have been made.

For more updates on Slowjamastan, follow its official Instagram account here.

Henry Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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