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PATAKA BOYS debut first track as tribute to Indian disco don, 'Bappi Lahiri'

Chill out to a fusion of gritty hip-hop beats and vibrant Indian folk sounds

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 31 May 2024
PATAKA BOYS debut first track as tribute to Indian disco don, 'Bappi Lahiri'

UK rap ICONS PAV4N and Sonnyjim have teamed up with rising Indian producer Kartik to form PATAKA BOYS.

Their debut single, ‘Bappi Lahiri’ has dropped under Azadi Records, a label from India that champions the country's diverse hip-hop voices.

“The debut of PATAKA BOYS on the label marks a new chapter in our mission to bring forward-thinking hip-hop to the forefront. 'Bappi Lahiri' is a dynamic introduction to the newly formed group’s innovative sound,” says Azadi Records co-founder Mo Joshi.

Featuring a guest verse from British/Bengali rapper M.O.N.G.O., the track is paired with a dizzying visual that dives deep into the vibrant daily life of India.

Title seem familiar? ‘Bappi Lahiri’ is a tribute to the legendary gold-laden singer, composer, and record producer of the same name who brought disco fever to India.

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Kartik’s production on this track is a masterclass in fusion, blending golden-era US hip-hop vibes with traditional Indian sounds. The beats are a gritty mix of dusty vinyl crackles, booming basslines, and crisp percussion, while implementing traditional folk sounds and dialogues from movies like Om Puri’s outburst as George Khan from East is East.

As for the rappers; PAV4N and Sonnyjim have built solid fanbases by putting out real, lyrically strong rap.

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PAV4N, who helped start the London rap group Foreign Beggars, has teamed up with big-name producers like Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and DJ Vadim. Once Foreign Beggars split in 2019, he kicked off his solo career.

Sonnyjim, famous for his rap about the high life, has worked with artists like MF DOOM, Jay Electronica, and Madlib. His verses are known for painting vivid pictures of luxury and telling detailed stories.

Purchase PATAKA BOYS’ debut track ‘Bappi Lahiri’ here and watch the music video below.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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