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Papa Khan’s ‘LOST’ EP gets personal with emotions of the past

The five-track EP released by Monstercat includes three unreleased singles

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 21 June 2022
Papa Khan’s ‘LOST’ EP gets personal with emotions of the past

Up-and-coming Indonesian-based producer Papa Khan pieces together his ‘LOST’ EP today with a complete package of 5 tracks via Monstercat. His previously released singles from the EP ‘The Tide’ and ‘Get To U’ pre-empt us for this whirlwind of emotive and melodic tracks that speak to the artist’s personal experiences.

The EP carries Papa Khan’s stories of heartbreak and life in each of his tracks. ‘The Tide’ is a visual representation of seeing a huge wave in the ocean when he hears the track, ‘Never Cared’ is about a past abusive relationship and ‘Get To U’ is a track about love and the feeling of going all-in to do anything for it.

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“This EP is pretty much about what happened to me in my personal life, mostly about breakups and stuff. Falling into a hole (love) and craving more from it even though it hurts. Only to make me feel even lonelier,” notes the artist.

Papa Khan aka Akhmad Iqbal Ansyari’s humble beginnings started in Palangkaraya, Indonesia, where a strong influence from his turbulent upbringing, life and native culture formed a reflection that is felt through the nuances of his sound. His sound sits in the bass realm, but the distinct emotional and spiritual nodes are classified into its even more popular sub-genre, colour bass, which floats in the sea on undulating tones of melodic dubstep and future bass.

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Having released many tracks on his own prior, Papa Khan has also released an EP titled 'Rain' via Marshmello’s Joytime Collective label. The track propelled the bass aficionado into the music scene in 2020 and he made his live debut with Bassrush on the Malignant Music presents “Marauda and friends for Bassrush showcase” live stream. After being catapulted towards the next phase in his career, he then signed to a major label, Monstercat, and has also been included in our 20 Summer Anthems: Festival Edition list for this year.

Listen to Papa Khan 'LOST' EP here.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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