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Oblique drives the Y-Series on electrocaïne with an extra dose of obscurity

‘Cybin EP’ is filled with unconventional moments that we absolutely love

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 26 February 2021
Oblique drives the Y-Series on electrocaïne with an extra dose of obscurity

The Mauritius-based creative and music collective have been busy loading up releases on their electrocaïne imprint — we recently heard Lapgan ‘Duniya Kia Hai’ that brings Lollywood to the beat-maker-sphere, and this time we shift from the X to the Y-Series from the label to check out Oblique’s latest EP, ‘Cybin’.

As the leading artist on the Y-Series on the electrocaïne label, Oblique's unexpected twisted style has garnered much attention from left-of-centre listeners, and this third release on the Y-Series tells a not so different tale of obscurity. The Berlin-based artist brings a wide range of music to his game — is debut project in 2018 ‘Argandiwal’ showcased his Persian heritage, whilst his second release ‘Sun EP’ saw Oblique throw himself in to the hedonistic realms of house, techno and breakbeat, and it sounded like he did so effortlessly.

‘Cybin EP’ takes on a new myriad of audio textures, gently leaning on more blissful, ambient and downtempo aesthetics across the three distinct tracks. It’s colourful, warm and evokes a sense of meta-physical rapture. 'Sam Palavras' features sultry guitar work by Maurício Goi Lacerda, ‘Cybin’ throws you off the cliff edge where you arrive at a very cushioned, soft landing. And he then brings us back to slo-mo grooves that are laced with wild Middle-Eastern percussion on ‘Towards Inside’.

‘Cybin EP’ is filled with unconventional moments, that we absolutely love.

Oblique ‘Cybin EP’ is out today on electrocaïne, you can order here and listen below.

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