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Mixmag Asia Radio: Bongomann is a DJ's DJ. Period.

The Council's resident DJ has gone far in a short time, with plenty more coming his way

  • Charles Budd
  • 24 March 2021
Mixmag Asia Radio: Bongomann is a DJ's DJ. Period.

There is only one way I can think of describing Bongomann — supreme versatility.

In an era of music where genre-bashing, elitism and narrow-mindedness often prevail, Singaporean DJ and producer Nick Bong aka Bongomann breaks away from the cluster of homogeneity and offers instead a refreshingly sumptuous palette of savoury club cuts that make you miss the dance floor more than anything else in the world.

Bongomann’s evolutionary path around music saw him spend his early years unearthing the treasures of sample searching through hip hop, and eventually found his way into electronic and dance culture — “I got into dance music, particularly hiphop pretty late (when I was in uni) but that was the catalyst for me to explore music on a deeper level, looking up sampled material and getting into jazz and roots music and eventually getting into electronic music from there.”

As a resident of Singapore’s unparalleled space for Singapore’s underground devotees, The Council, he’s also a core member of the Ice Cream Sundays crew that do exactly by their namesake — Sunday al-fresco dancing, with plenty of cool cream to keep you sweet. For a Dj who’s only been at it for less than a decade, his repertoire seems to be accompanied with musical wisdom, and a plentiful path of opportunities to come.

In the studio, Nick expresses himself through a wide spectrum of more dreamy and ambient nuances to straight up dancefloor hedonism. His productions are as meticulously thought out as his DJ sets, striking a fine balance that includes crafty layering, analogue-wizardry and sensational grooves. And like most good artists who contribute to the scene that supports them, Bongomann keeps his ear to the ground on fresh local sounds — as of right now, he points out "artists like slowloko, YS (Singapore/Berlin), Fauxe, Intriguant, .gif and Kribo Records always amaze me with their output. Brotherman Muto (fellow resident DJ with Ice Cream Sundays) is one of my favourite DJs in Singapore and he's been working on a release for Dekadenz. Halal Sol also has a sick EP forthcoming on Darker Than Wax, there's a track from that in this mix."

We shortlisted him earlier this year as an artist to keep an ear out for, and this is a follow-up mix from the one we consider a DJ’s DJ. The proof is in the pudding, and it tastes f’in good.

Tune in to Mixmag Asia Radio 055 with Singapore’s Bongomann to get a feel of his dancefloor philosophy. Hit play below.


Bongomann - Swell
OK EG - Prismatic Spring
Adam Pits - Donk-E
Rudolf C - Sandal Acid
Facta - Doves
Bailey Ibbs - We Run
Route 8 - Liquid Night
Nativ - Shifty
OK EG - Filament (Tackle Remix)
Andrea - TrackQY
Halal Sol - Lives In Future
Maara - Der She Goes
Somah - How We Move
Stones Taro - Press It Out
Jonny L - This Time (Jonny L & Roni Size Mix)