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2023: A Year in Photos

Mixmag Asia’s montage of raw, unapologetic images that encapsulates the spirit of the past year

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 27 December 2023

Once again, Mixmag Asia proudly presents a curated visual journey encapsulating the essence of 2023, diving headfirst into Asia's electronic scene and beyond.

It’s more than just a visual feast; it's a snapshot of the year's wild ride through the region. From gritty dance floors to intimate moments of unapologetic expression, these images scream rebellion, evolution and release.

Jake Aaron Morton's signature style, marked by chiaroscuro brilliance, captures the raw energy between crowds and DJs in the limited spaces of Hong Kong's venues. See how guests nonchalantly defaced photographs, embracing the DIY ethos of The Magus Project x Kary Kwok's 'THEN / NOW' exhibition, spearheaded by Yeti Out’s Silk Road Sounds imprint.

In the wild terrain of Eastern Margins, screw faces and unbridled energy explode in a candid shot, embodying the collective spirit. You’ll also find snapshots of dancers lost in the music, surrounded by the elements—an escapade that transcends the visual, pulling viewers into the heart of the sonic experience.

Ringing in the new year was Studio Adventure’s sold-out seaside event, Phú Quốc Odyssey, documented by Alyona Kuznetsova. Rachelle Hristenko gives us a peek into the “sensory overload” weekend that was Equation, which she mentions transported attendees to an entirely different world. Then there’s Adrien Destribats’ shots that shed light on the ecstatic crowds of Taipei’s techno scene.

While 2023 was in full swing in terms of events, we also zoned in on both weird and wonderful happenings; the DJ-founded country of Slowjamastan, Jitwam sharing his knowledge on music production, documentation from the launch of Mixmag Indonesia and decorations from what was supposed to be the country’s highly anticipated beachside festival, prepped one day before its sudden cancellation

Come see for yourself the images we’ve picked out from our archives…while we all eagerly await what next year brings.

Are you an avid nightlife photographer? Want to get your photos seen on Mixmag Asia? Drop us your work here.

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