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Mari Beach Club’s ‘Mewali Festival’ launches by spearheading an eco-friendly movement

Mixmag Asia joins the festivities with a special showcase of curated talents

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 7 August 2022
Mari Beach Club’s ‘Mewali Festival’ launches by spearheading an eco-friendly movement

Located in Canggu, Bali, the nature-based designed and culturally inspired Mari Beach Club will present the ‘Mewali Festival’ which will be held on August 17-21, 2022. In addition to honouring the island’s heroes in culture, creativity, culinary arts and music, the event will also include the anticipated unveiling of SOLÉ; its latest dining establishment addition.

The five-day event comes in conjunction with Club Conscious, Good For Bali, and Mural Fest. Mixmag Asia will join in on the festivities, presenting a special showcase of curated talents from around the region.

The word "mewali" is a piece taken from the complete term "suksma mewali", meaning "you are welcome" or in literal translation "thank you too”. It's also used to respond a farewell, as a hope for guests to come back and visit again. As festival organiser Tessa Dwadiandra explains, "Mewali Festival responds to the literal translation and reinterprets it as 'going back'; an invitation for visitors to come back (within) as much as it is a hopeful phrase for Bali to revive and thrive again."

Mari Beach Club seeks to celebrate Bali’s heritage and provide quality musical experiences for the eco-conscious crowd. Taking into serious consideration the G20 goals for 2022, ‘Mewali Festival’ aims to spearhead a greener movement, offsetting its carbon emission to head towards a net zero event. Dubbed “Little Bali”, the venue boasts a Bohemian vibe that runs strong across the sprawling grounds, with a grand dome symbolic of Mount Agung greeting upon entering the space.

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Headlining the festival will be none other than Harry Romero of Defected Records and Crosstown Labels. As for Mixmag Asia’s curated roster of beat purveyors, the line-up includes local stalwarts such as Greybox, Sunset People Project, Rio Dewanto, TANTRA, Soltice, Batikboy, Tina Colada, Aluku Rebels, Papu, Halim Ardie, Jay Mugelli, Mistral, Scotty Cal, DBRA, Dipha Barus, Nusantara Sound Healing with Noise Killa and Balinese Contemporary, plus many more. Also on board are Arun R, Samantha Nicole, Axel Groove and Rocco Universal to delight us with their eclectic range of sounds from behind the decks.

As mentioned above, the festival also marks the launch of SOLÉ; a fine dining experience with a laid-back twist, the brainchild of Mari culinary team head, Chef Martin Loving. The Swedish native is bound to present his years of knowledge and expertise in Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, while adding a unique touch of techniques rooted in his homeland. Expect the menu to highlight Bali’s vibrant, seasonal and local ingredients that further elevate its dishes.

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With an expected turnout in the hundreds, the event is chock-full of activities such from its ten workshops, ranging from kite making, Balinese dancing to poetry and a crash course on Web3. Feel free to also browse around its Eco-Market which will host over 40 Bali-based brands.

"Mewali Festival is a step forward by Mari Beach Club to showcase that venues of Bali can operate with sustainability as a driving factor while not losing the essence of the party! Even though there's still lots of work to do, Mari is starting the journey to be better for the environment. From construction using bamboo to implementing green practices, these all are in line with the G20's goals for Bali and the road to sustainability," mentions Halim Ardie, Event Sustainability Advisor of Club Conscious.

For those on the island during the dates of 17-21 August, 2022, make sure not to miss out on this one-of-a-kind event. For those not, there’s still time to book your tickets.

Keep updated on Mewali Festival by following Mari Beach Club on Instagram here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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