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Ken Ishii is releasing a remix album of 'Abyssal Plain' featuring 8 new versions

The album features techno and house artists like Kaito and Martin Patiño

  • Rylee Chow
  • 7 February 2020
Ken Ishii is releasing a remix album of 'Abyssal Plain' featuring 8 new versions

Ever since Japanese techno legend Ken Ishii returned last November with his album ‘Möbius Strip', his fans have been super energized – after all they waited for 13 years. Now, only two months later, and he’s announced another new album coming on March 25: 'Abyssal Plain Remixes', featuring eight different artists remixing his track 'Abyssal Plain', including Japanese artist Kaito and Greek-based DJ Martin Patiño.

'Abyssal Plain Remixes' consists of eight tracks from five Japanese, and three global techno and house talents, including John Beltra, Kaito, Martin Patino, Hideo Nakasako, Go Hiyama, A.MOCHI & TTTT, TEVATRON and Himuro Yoshiteru. All of them remixed the track 'Abyssal Plain' that Ishii released exclusively on Blue Art Music's 10th anniversary compilation.

Check out the preview below:

With each of the remixers having their own distinctive style, the album unfolds like the jazz concept of variations on a theme. Kaito develops a delicate and lyrical detroit techno vibe, while John Beltran uses jazzy piano chords as a main flow. On the other hand, MOCHI & TTTT, Hiyama, Hideo Nakasako, and Himuro Yoshiteru’s remixes reveal their unique forms of freestyle with high-quality electronic house mixes. Ultimately, all the productions are aimed at the dancefloor, and we look forward to hearing them there.

Track list:
1. Abyssal Plain (Beltran's MAY there be a brighter DAY Remix)
2. Abyssal Plain (Kaito Remix)
3. Abyssal Plain (Martin Patino Remix)
4. Abyssal Plain (Hideo Nakasako Remix)
5. Abyssal Plain (Go Hiyama Remix)
6. Abyssal Plain (A.MOCHI & TTTT Remix)
7. Abyssal Plain (TEVATRON Remix)
8. Abyssal Plain (Himuro Yoshiteru Remix)

'Abyssal Plain Remixes' by Ken Ishii will be out March 25 on Blue Arts Music. Preorder the album here.

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