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Kanye West & Pete Davidson to contest charity boxing match

Kanye is reportedly living in the Mercedes-Benz stadium again until the fight

  • Lyfah Paul
  • 1 April 2022
Kanye West & Pete Davidson to contest charity boxing match

After a long-running feud between two of LA’s most spoken about names in recent months, Kanye West and Pete Davidson are set to take part in a charity boxing match.

Speaking at a press conference in LA yesterday, both parties revealed that they will take part in a fight next month at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium.

“They’ve already been in training for weeks,” said Kanye West’s representative, Jim Skit, at the conference. Both the rapper and comedian spoke about the fight from the same room despite worries that West could lash out at his ex-wife’s new partner.

While neither contestant has any history with boxing, Kanye has keenly purchased “over 100 different dumbbells” and is preparing by “eating a dozen raw eggs every day”, according to his team.

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The event is currently set to go ahead on April 29 at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium where Kanye West resided last year in order to finish his ‘DONDA’ album. Reports suggest that the rapper will return to live at the stadium for the next four weeks until the day of the fight.

Kanye’s team also revealed that the rapper would stop using his phone “until he has a six-pack”, and would refrain from texting Kim Kardashian “until he makes it to 180 pounds”, marking him as a heavyweight.

The match will be live-streamed around the world via Twitch. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Kanye West revealed the match, titled 'Ye vs. Skete', would cost $20 to watch.

The pair have been feuding since 2021 following Kanye’s split from his ex-wife, and subsequent news that she is dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

The rapper has been in the spotlight over the past few months following public harassment of the new couple, including a music video for recent release 'Eazy' in which he kidnaps and buries Davidson.

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Eddie Hearn, popular British boxing promoter and founder of Matchroom Sport. commented on the forthcoming match: "Cor, I can't fucking believe it! This is some absolutely mental shit. Bonkers."

Since the announcement, Kanye has launched a campaign and track titled ‘Beat Skete’ which appeared on his $200 Stem Player last night.

“We’re about to go goblin mode,” said Pete Davidson at the press conference. “I want to thank my mentor, Drake, who’s helped me to prepare so far.”

All proceeds generated from the fight will go toward multiple charities including School Spirit, a non-profit organisation helping young college dropouts get back into school and learn new skills.

Lyfah Paul is Mixmag's beefs correspondent