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Dive into driving, industrial techno cuts via Juheun’s ‘Phantom’ EP

Out today via Tronic, the three-tracker comprises 2 originals & a remix by Sweden’s Hertz

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 9 February 2024
Dive into driving, industrial techno cuts via Juheun’s ‘Phantom’ EP

Dropping today, February 9, Juheun’s three-track EP titled ‘Phantom’ marks the artist’s solo debut on Christian Smith’s imprint, Tronic.

Founded in 1995, the label has previously housed top-tier names in the techno realm such as ANNA, Paco Osuna, Enrico Sangiuliano and more.

This is the second time Juheun appears on the label — his previous outing was via a collab with Japan’s Drunken Kong last year for the spellbindingly raw and energy-filled cut, ‘Open Door’.

As expected, this solo release is just as hypnotic, showcasing Juheun’s relentless approach to industrial techno, with an added bonus of an official remix of the title track by Swedish producer and Tronic veteran, Hertz.

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Kicking off the EP is the high-energy track that’s bound to be the next warehouse banger, ‘Phantom’, where Juheun dives headfirst into a sonic frenzy, crafting a six-minute journey fuelled by pounding beats and synth blasts.

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His second original track ‘Empty Space’ introduces a mix of dynamic percussion and otherworldly sounds. It's a hypnotic blend of intricate drum patterns, mind-bending synths, and a touch of haunting spoken word vocals that equal just the right amount of trippy or enough to make you "go insane”, as the lyrics mention.

Closing out the EP, expect pulsating basslines, heavy kicks, and rave-inspired synthplay as Hertz adds his signature style to ‘Phantom’, wrapping up Juheun's EP with flair and a strong finish.

Juheun ‘Phantom’ is out now, listen to it here.

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