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Juheun joins forces with Drunken Kong for peak time techno cut ‘Open Door’

The Transpacific collab comes via Christian Smith’s coveted Tronic imprint

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 10 January 2023
Juheun joins forces with Drunken Kong for peak time techno cut ‘Open Door’

American-Korean techno producer Juheun has paired up with Tokyo-based duo Drunken Kong in unleashing a spellbindingly raw cut, teeming with cosmic vibes and hard-hitting energy titled ‘Open Door’.

From start to finish, the almost-six-minute track released on December 30, 2022, presents an impeccable blend of Juheun’s hypnotic rhythms and Drunken Kong’s signature hermetic percussion. A potential staple for peak-time warehouse pleasures, ‘Open Door’ is part of Tronic’s ‘Rockets//Launch 15’ V/A compilation.

With previous releases via Octopus Recordings, Set About and Kuukou Records, Juheun continues to push his darkly energetic productions in his Tronics debut.

As for Drunken Kong, the two are no strangers to the label. D Singh and Kyoko have previously released their 2017 album ‘The Signs Within’ and 2020’s ‘Where We Start’ via the imprint.

Swedish DJ/producer Christian Smith’s Tronic label is deemed one of the most established and longest-running labels in championing techno.

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Established in 1994, it now houses over 430 releases and has cemented its existence in being a leading force in shaping a less purist techno sound, allowing electronic music enthusiasts to embrace sounds from various scenes surrounding the genre.

Commenting on his first-ever release with Tronic, Juheun mentions how “It’s been one of the most important reference labels for me growing as a producer and to collaborate with my friends Drunken Kong is the icing on the cake.”

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Listen to ‘Open Door’ by Juheun and Drunken Kong on Spotify and purchase the track on Beatport here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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