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Jeff Mills to release two new albums this spring

One album out in April and the other out in May

  • Becky Buckle
  • 3 April 2022
Jeff Mills to release two new albums this spring

Jeff Mills will be releasing one album in April and another in May this year.

The first from ‘The Wizard’ is ‘Wonderland’ due for release April 22 which will feature a mix of both acoustic and electronic instruments.

‘Wonderland’ will also include two tracks from his 12-inch project that came out last year.

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His second album out May 20 titled ‘Mind Power Mind Control’ is said to have a darker tone with nine techno tracks that have more of an ambient style to them.

Axis Records will release both ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Mind Power Mind Control’.

"The objective of this project is to examine, reveal and

demonstrate how humans have created metaphysical and mind-bending techniques to control people, their minds, societies and our outlook on reality and life," said Mills according to RA.

Listen to ‘When The Time Is Right (Original Version)’ from the forthcoming LP ‘Wonderland’ below.



1. Full Moon Brigade

2. A Life Aquatic

3. Tropicana

4. Something Like That (Moody)

5. Sunset Lovers

6. When The Time Is Right (Original Version)

7. Wonderland

8. Cause & Effect

9. The Main Contender

10. Getaway

11. Like Paradise

12. Chin Tiki (Upper Level)

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‘Mind Power Mind Control’

1. Crossing The Threshold

2. Scarlet

3. Hatsumi

4. Vibrant Sanguine

5. Transmutation

6. Vermillion

7. Radiance (Digital Bonus)

8. Units (Digital Bonus)

9. Horizons

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter