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Jeff Mills' new album ‘The Eyewitness’ will explore themes of trauma and mental illness

The techno innovator has teased the project with new single 'Those Who Worked Against Us (Vendetta Mix)’

  • 21 June 2024
Jeff Mills' new album ‘The Eyewitness’ will explore themes of trauma and mental illness

Jeff Mills has shared details of his new album ‘The Eyewitness’, set for release on July 5 via Axis Records.

The Detroit techno innovator announced the record alongside the new single ‘Those Who Worked Against Us (Vendetta Mix)’.

The project heavily references mental health, trauma and protecting one’s psyche, with the “album created to point to an antidote on how to protect our mental health condition.”

Mills says the project addresses “trauma and the shock effect of it - the leftover residue of harsh reality so impactful that it shapes the way you imagine, envision and calculate your position in regard to everything and everyone around you. A new type of psychological radius evolves.”

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He continues, “Boundaries are reinforced. Relationships are recessed. A damaged brief system float aimlessly. Vulnerable to and for anything reminiscent of a worthy cause. The truth about facts became satirical monologue, dead-end expressions that have no critical arrangement. We all know someone that either has been or will be.”

The released track begins with a frantic, Jimi Hendrix-inspired synth solo, and reflects the same message as the album, acting as a “wake-up call or alarm that it might time [again] to re-think ourselves, our world and the path we’re on towards the future”.

Listen to ‘Those Who Worked Against Us (Vendetta Mix)’ below.

The project follows on from the release of Mills' experimental project ‘The Trip - Enter The Black Hole’ in March.

Last October, Mills also featured as the face of German designer Jill Sander’s winter campaign, as well as starring in the brand's short film.

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To pre-save the forthcoming project, click here.

Jamaal Johnson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Instagram

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