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Jayda G integrates recordings from her childhood into 13 effervescent cuts for ‘Guy’

A tribute to her late father, the new LP explores feelings of “the African American experience, death, grief, and understanding.”

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 12 July 2023
Jayda G integrates recordings from her childhood into 13 effervescent cuts for ‘Guy’

Following up her romantic two-track EP ‘Both of Us/Are U Down’ in 2020, Jayda G returns with a new album ‘Guy’, comprising 13 tracks that touch on the producer’s childhood and closest loved ones.

Known for her crafty and elegant use of field recordings intertwined with groovy beats and uplifting lyrics, the Canadian-born, London-based producer dedicated the title to her late father, William Richard Guy, who passed away when she was 10.

“I wanted the album to be a blend of storytelling, about the African American experience, death, grief, and understanding,” she explains, adding “It's about my dad and his story, and naturally in part my story, too, but it’s also about so many people who wanted more for themselves and went on a search to find that.”

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Ranging from ambrosial disco, soul and dance-pop, the tracks feature archival recordings taken from 11 hours of video interviews between William and Jayda’s older sister, resulting in bittersweet melodies fit for a celebration of life.

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One particular track, ‘When She Dance’, is dedicated to her grandmother. Bursting with positivity in both the danceable composition and lyrics, it aims to be a sonic manifestation of the resilience and strength of Black women.

The blissful anthem ‘Sapphires of Gold’ is definitely a contender for heavy rotation on both dancefloors and airwaves with its euphoric sound. There’s also the dreamy-yet-rhythmic ‘Blue Lights’, whose title comes from the story of her father ditching police officers during the 1968 race riots.

Jayda G ‘Guy’ is out now via Ninja Tune, purchase it here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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