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ANNA’s mini documentary depicts her transformative journey towards creating ‘Intentions’

The debut ambient album is out now via London’s Mercury KX

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 6 June 2023
ANNA’s mini documentary depicts her transformative journey towards creating ‘Intentions’

Brazilian DJ and producer ANNA released her highly-anticipated 'Intentions' in late May, making it her first full-length ambient album release.

Known for more hard-hitting sounds with previous releases on top techno labels Drumcode, NovaMute, Sapiens, Domino and Afterlife, she trades in her tougher, club-driven productions for a more melodic and expansive soundscape while also showcasing her flute-playing skills in 'Intentions'.

Highlighting more atmospheric sensibilities that came from a spiritually-minded background, the album is a delicate blend of her inimitable electronic music savoir-faire and a number of sound healing techniques.

Complementing the immersive experience of ‘Intentions’, ANNA teamed up with award-winning director João Marques to release a mini documentary titled ‘Journey Into Intentions’ which captures her personal journey in exploring new states of consciousness and being.

Shot entirely on film, it shows scenes from ANNA’s studio and home, plus the rugged and staggeringly picturesque coastline of Portugal’s Sintra.

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Created in the style of a visual poem, it calls attention to ANNA’s experience related to intentional living and music making which in turn brings up the theme of artistic fragility into focus.

“I wanted to create a visual representation of the different states of awareness that the listener is guided to experience through the record’s intentions” explains Marques.

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As for the soundtrack, ANNA exclusively used the stems from her new album to create a profoundly immersive experience for both listening and viewing.

“Witnessing the music and visuals intertwine to amplify the message of ‘Intentions’ has been magical,” mentions ANNA.

Watch ‘Journey Into Intentions’ below and listen to ANNA’s debut ambient album ‘Intentions’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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