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Jay Gapasin debuts solo project, Drum Choir

Tarsius's drummer expands his prowess into an even more playful side

  • Samantha Nicole
  • 11 May 2021
Jay Gapasin debuts solo project, Drum Choir

Before headlining local shows and international festivals as one half of electronic duo, Tarsius, Jay Gapasin has been an enduring fixture in the Filipino music scene. His percussive wizardry has landed him across genre-wide bands including jazz-punk Radioactive Sago Project and noise rock act, Kapitan Kulam and through countless performances and DJ sets — from the familiar to the avant-garde.

This time around, Gapasin is further expanding his repertoire with his latest solo project, Drum Choir.

“My influences and techniques are pretty much the same. The main difference with Drum Choir is that I can be more playful and creative when it comes to experimenting and programming beats,” he explains. “With Tarsius, I always have to consider whether the drum parts are playable live because I’m the one who has to program and perform them.”

His latest release, a remix of Filipino indie-electronic band, Taken By Cars’s 'Turn of the Tide' under Sayaw Records exudes a signature unparalleled energy — one he has made the most of exploring while the pandemic forces live stage to remain on pause.

“The pandemic helped keep me on my toes when it comes to thinking creatively. Those long hours of not having anything to do, you know, when you feel bored out of your wits? That somehow fuels the imagination,” he shares. “It’s interesting how boredom can be a motivator for mental/creative stimulation.”

No stranger to endlessly pushing boundaries, Gapasin isn’t one to sit still. With everything he’s got going on, he’s already planning his next moves.

“I am currently working on an ambient music EP under the name Atoms of War.”

[Images via SAKA & Tarsius]

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