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Ill Japonia drops radical new EP on the just-launched Eastern Margins label

'Ill' is the solo debut from BO NINGEN vocalist Taigen Kawab, AKA Ill Japonia

  • Rylee Chow
  • 19 February 2020
Ill Japonia drops radical new EP on the just-launched Eastern Margins label

Ill Japonia might sound unfamiliar to you, but it's actually the alter-ego of Taigen Kawab, frontman of Hackney-via-Japan cult psychedelic acid rock band BO NINGEN. Previously Ill Japonia appeared on tour supporting English experimental rock band Black Midi in the UK and Ireland before dropping his stargazing debut EP 'Ill' on the newly launched Eastern Margins label on February 7.

The five-track EP 'Ill' falls somewhere between trap, pop and rock, but still sounds fresh and experimental. Don't be confused if you don't understand the lyrics – as it's sung and rapped (and screamed) in English, Japanese and a language invented by Ill Japonia – described as “not translated language from somewhere else”. According to Ill Japonia in his interview with TANK Magazine, "I want lyrics, flow and beats to interact with each other, so I sometimes try not to limit my flow by language. I follow what comes to my mind from somewhere without any translation into Japanese or English." Listen to the track ‘Sauna Mizuburo’ below:

''Ill is also the first release on the newly launched Eastern Margins – the record label arm of the London-based platform of the same name that delivers sounds from the margins of East and South-East Asia. They also host a monthly radio show on NTS with their label friends Absurd Trax from the Hong Kong underground, check out more here.

'Ill' by Ill Japonia is out on February 7 on Eastern Margins. Buy the EP here.