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Hà Nội Community Radio launches today in Vietnam

The online radio station will air shows weekly

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 16 April 2021
Hà Nội Community Radio launches today in Vietnam

Hà Nội Community Radio launches today to provide artists and creatives with a platform that unofficially aligns with the multiple Community Radio stations that have popped up all over Asia, from Karachi to quite recently in Manila, and that originally started in Seoul.

The launch will be officially supported by Mixcloud today as well.

Opening up the programming this weekend will be Levi Oi, Maggie Tra who was recently featured on Mixmag Asia Radio and will host the Bánh Mì Show, POLY, Kelsea, Hilda, Sircula and Tomes who will host Điện Điên // Electric Eclectic.

Other shows that will be broadcasted soon include Female Asian Boss Talkshow (FAB) hosted by Hannah and unravels discussions around a Hanoi-based businesswoman, and the Glorious Rant Show by a global antique collector.

The online radio station will air shows weekly, with the aim of nurturing a positive scene within the community, to uplift and inspire, with the desire to showcase local talent to a global audience.

“There’s a big space between the arts and the music community here in Hanoi, and HCR aims to bring the two communities together. We’ll have shows from talking about life in Vietnam to straight-up music shows… We believe Vietnam is hungry for a space to have access to more engagement, connections and conversations in a safe space.”

You can tune in to their livestream here, and find out more here.

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