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Premiere: Only the juiciest sounds on Good Luck Chuck's 'Pineapple'

The Singapore duo enlist Taiwanese vocalist Lalalin to help carve out 'Pineapple'

  • Winston West
  • 23 December 2021
Premiere: Only the juiciest sounds on Good Luck Chuck's 'Pineapple'

Earlier this year, Good Luck Chuck shuffled their way into our playlists and encouraged us to dance all night with the premiere of their track titled 'African'. The Singapore duo quickly turned heads with that catchy jingle and drew the attention of Esquire, Nylon and Earmilk who all applauded the duo's ingenious creation of their Ups & Downs EP.

After setting the bar high for themselves, the Singapore boys are back with a brand new single and have enlisted established Taiwanese singer/songwriter Lalalin to produce the sweet and juicy offering 'Pineapple'. While today marks the first time fans have heard 'Pineapple', the track is actually the first piece the boys from Good Luck Chuck ever collaborated on. This track then inspired a two year studio period that Good Luck Chuck spent finalizing a series of demos.

'Pineapple' is literally a song about pineapple juice. In typical fashion with their untypical approach, 'Pineapple' fits the mold of a creative project without boundaries. Where 'African' was an all night dancing affair designed for nights on club dance floors, 'Pineapple' is a rock record more suited for semi-grungy pubs and bars. 'Pineapple' also follows rock song structure with an intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-outro formula. The drums are super punchy in a Travis Barker-esque formula and the guitar riffs twang and clang in Jack Black of The White Stripes fashion. Lalalin provides an element of femininity to the ensemble with her soothing vocals smoothing out the otherwise rough rock and roll persona of the single.

In line with their mantra of being a boundaryless project, Good Luck Chuck are dropping their latest track in line with their first ever set of NFT's titled 'The Lucky Collection' which provide fans an opportunity to own the rights to the groups next release.

In their own words: “'The Lucky Collection' consists of ten unique 1/1 digital assets created by us and owning any one of them would mean owning a share of what will next be in our discography.”

Pineapple is releasing on December 24th 2021 and available for purchase/stream here.

The Lucky Collection is out now on and available to mint here

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